About Me

Mabuhay! Kumusta?

I'm Butchie. On professional, strictly-at-work occasions, people call me Gretchen. I have my dad's skin and ardor for writing, my stepdad's frugal and wanderlust tendencies, and - gasp - my mother's postpartum mouth and feet.

In a past life, I was a counter server in a fastfood chain, a pre-med student, a call center agent, a receptionist slash admin assistant, then a nurse. But as the many Mandelas and Nerudas of the world would say, passion is the cake and the icing. So now, I write for work and blog during my need-Zen times. I regularly contribute to Business Mirror's tourism section and have woven stories and copies for a slew of print publications and online portals.

I am wildly engrossed with sunsets, seas, mountains, unpretentious literature, pets, painfully long walks, arbitrary travels with my kid, chocolates, and all things analog. In fact, I am one of a small contingent of 90s-driven people who find their volumes of VCR and cassette tapes indispensable. 

(Oh, and I am floored by Sigur Ros. They are love and life.)

I hope to one day read more, scale more mountains, and travel across the country, around Asia, and Iceland - if only my daughter Lia would cooperate.

This blog is a repository of all those knee-jerk thoughts and dreams from 2004 and beyond, plus occasional ramblings as a female earthling.

I am Butchie. Word weaver. Woman. Mother. 
Filipina. Explorer. Welcome to my lair. It's nice to meet you.

Read my bucketlist here.

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