Butchie's Recipes: Graham Crema de Fruta

December 30, 2011

The holidays won't be complete without desserts, and this year, we'd like to kick off 2012 with an all-time favorite Filipino dessert, Crema de Fruta. This recipe, I learned only by trial after a classmate gave me the ingredients to her crema during college.

It's incredibly easy to make (no baking necessary) and both the kids and oldies in the family love it.

1 big pack of Graham crackers
Some crushed Graham
439g can of fruit cocktail (doesn't matter what brand), cut into smaller pieces and drained of juice
168 ml can of Alaska condensada
1 tetra pack Alaska Crema or Nestle all purpose cream, chilled a day before

1. Mix all purpose cream and Alaska condensada in a bowl. Set aside.
2. Lay out Graham crackers in a rectangular dish.

3. Pour some of the mixture on top of the first layer of Graham..

4. Spread fruit cocktail evenly on top.

5. Repeat the procedure twice. You should have three beds of graham crackers filled with the mixture tand the fruit.
6. After the third layer, pour the remaining mixture on top, sprinkle with some fruit cocktail, then some crushed graham.

7. Put Crema in the chiller overnight.
8. Enjoy! Serves 5-6 persons.

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