Tabang, Guiguinto: A Haven For Gardeners

January 3, 2012

IMPORTANT NOTE: I don't sell plants. I bought mine from vendors in Tabang. 

I REPEAT: I am not a vendor. I was a customer. 

*Stating this because I receive so many emails, text messages, and calls requesting for quotations on plants*

People looking for plants and gardening needs usually end up scouting in either Cartimar or Baclaran, but outside Manila, there's a much bigger and cheaper, though less popular place that caters to every gardening enthusiast's diverse needs: Tabang, Guiguinto, Bulacan.

From landscaping materials to decorative house plants, the place is brimming with gardening essentials that the curious planter is looking for. Lucky for us, Tabang is only about an hour or less from where we are in Sta. Maria, or a smooth fifteen-minute drive through NLEX from the Bocaue tollgate.

Small indoor plants. Sells for P70-80 each.

This fountain costs P3,500 (excluding motor).

Filling up the trunk!

Suppliers, each with their own bunk, fill the entire stretch of Tabang along NLEX. As soon as you land past the Tabang exit, you will notice these stores to the left and right of the highway. 

This lovely fountain sells for around P1,200 (excluding motor).

Horsetail plant. P30 each.

Aloe vera. P35 each.

Most townspeople here are in the horticulture business. There is even one subdivision, Violeta Subdivision, where almost all the homeowners sell crops and trees on their front lawns. This is where we usually buy plants and other planting needs because they're cheaper here compared to those being sold on the highway. Also, you'd find more plant and flower variety inside the subdivision, and species that are not readily available along the highway (grass, for instance).

One of many houses selling plants in the subdivision.

...And another.

The subdivision is not hard to find either. From the highway, just turn left at the academy (not sure about the name, but it's the only school located along the expressway) then ply the route going to LTO. The LTO office is contiguous with the subdivision. 

Beautiful chrysanthemums. Starts at P35.

Aerial plants

Potted orchids sell at P80

Another good thing about buying from Tabang is that you can always haggle, especially when you're buying a lot from a single supplier (And that doesn't mean you need to spend P200 and up). Most of the time, the vendors would even willingly give you freebies. In fact, our suki gave us two siling labuyo plants and a calamansi when we bought two of these kalachuchis from her (and mind you, the kalachuchi is only P75 each. Without the pot, of course).

Kalachuchi. P75. 

Freebie: calamansi


Below are some of the other pieces we were able to buy in Tabang:

Cypress. Sells for P35 each (about 2 feet high).

Indian Tree. This one's hard to find nowadays. 
We bought this for P75 a year ago (back then it was just 3 ft tall)

Japanese camachile. P20 each.

L-R: Araucaria (P50 for a small one) and Ti plant (P35)

Blue grass. P100 per sack. 
1 sack contains about P20 pieces or more of 6x6 grass tiles.
We just planted the grass on soil ourselves. 

Bonsai at P100.
Accessories: Miniature jar (P15 each), cement bowl (P100), 
cylindrical stand (100)

Next time you're shopping for gardening needs, head onward to Tabang. I guarantee you'll find what you're looking for and more. 

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