Grin Department Vocalist Hospitalized and Needs Help

It seems that the music industry is being plagued by physical illnesses these days. After the recent death of Kapatid vocalist Karl Roy, another member of the rock industry is down in the murky dumps, and we could only hope that he would not succumb to the same fate as Roy's.

Bong Pascasio, lead vocalist of the 90s band Grin Department, is confined at the Sta. Ana Hospital in Manila due to chronic abdominal disease. The perky frontman, whose band is famous for popularizing songs such as Buy One Take Two and Iskin, needs surgery for his condition. 

According to a Facebook plea made by Bong's daughter, Gege, Pascasio needs blood donations (type AB), or P1,500 per blood bag. He needs eight. Unfortunately, the family is unable to support these and other medications due to financial difficulties caused by a recent fire that left the family with nothing. 

Donations can be coursed through Bong's mother, Sylvia. Her mobile number is 0946-8837508.