Tramway Garden Buffet, Timog

May 25, 2012

With so many rave reviews online and from friends, the husband and I contemplated on holding Lia's still unorganized baptismal reception at Tramway Garden Buffet in Timog, QC. So along with our one-month old and the in-laws, we paid the place a visit and decided to try their much talked-about P205 lunch/dinner buffet (Side note: Starting June, the lunch and dinner buffet will increase to P215/ head).

And boy, was the place jam-packed.

We actually called to reserve a day prior and both slots for lunch (11am-1pm and 1pm-3pm) were already full. We opted for the first dinner batch instead, which is 6pm-8pm. The second batch starts at 8pm and ends at 10.

Sharksfin. People at the table said it was good, but well,
I don't eat sharksfin anymore. Find out why in my poem PFP-published poem here)

It's not hard to see why Tramway is that famous. The place, no matter how cramped, features an extensive buffet spread of mouthwatering Cantonese favorites including at least 7 viands, yang chow rice, pancit, veggies, California maki, fruits, salads, and 2 kinds of soup (miso and Nido) - all that for only P205 (excluding drinks). 

Hongkong style fied chicken and fried wanton. Both were a hit!

Pork skin strips in sweet sauce. Nice and tender.

Replenishment of buffet plates are done very often, as they tend to run out very fast, too.

Century egg and dimsums always run out very quickly!

It was a bit tough to move around with a newborn though, and I wouldn't recommend it if you are particular about ambiance and comfort. It is a rat race to the buffet table especially on weekends; you'll have people bumping you from every corner. 

Pork tendon balls and Mapo Tofu

Egg omelette

It's hard to pick a favorite because most of the dishes were good, but the yang chow, sweet and sour pork, pork balls and fried wanton take the cake. For dessert, it's buko pandan. The in-laws fancied the seasonal fruits, which they said were fresh and ripe just right. 

Didn't get to taste these buns. Iwas carbs!

Fruit and dessert station

On the blah side are California maki, Nido soup and pancit - all quite bland. Also, the steamed fish had an icky mud taste, though the in-laws said theirs was perfect. But then, theirs came from the second buffet station (There are two main course stations).

Nido soup, pancit bihon, steamed fish. All quite average.

If you're in search of a cheap venue where you can also overfeed your guests, Tramway's a good option. Super sulit for the price. The smallest function room which is good for 50-60 persons costs only P2,500 for 3 hours.

Finally! Was able to go out o the house! Yey!

Got a close look of the venue on the first floor, and it's pretty okay for small private affairs. They have function rooms on the second floor as well, but I read the ones below are better. Could probably tell you more once the baptism's over.

  1. may bayad po ba ang magpareserved?

  2. Hi dear. Nope walang bayad magpareserve. Just call them a day or two earlier than your preferred date.

  3. nice review. linking @

  4. Gosh, only saw this now. Sorry, Elmo. Thank you for the link!


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