Afternoon drama

June 23, 2012

My darling daughter is turning three months in 11 days. By now she has already mastered conversational language through coos, wide smiles and gurgles, and has moved on to a curious fascination with America's Next Top Model her hands and sucking them like crazy. She's gonna be cruisin' and walkin' in no time.

Pretty soon, she's gonna be approaching me in the onion-scented kitchen, over tomatoes and a damp apron, and say, "Mommy, I'm getting married." 

Just imagining that makes me go all weepy.

I need to be ready for that moment and save myself the humiliation in front of her future fiance.

(But can a mom ever really prepare herself for such permanent separation from her kids? For a mother, her children will always be her babies no matter how old they are.)

And more importantly, we need to be ready for the wedding gift. Amid whopping cash gifts from sponsors and cosmopolitan presents from friends, how can a mom's gift truly stand out? 

I want mine to be unique, non-convertible and safe from depletion. I was thinking of simultaneously playing a home-made AVP of the best moments of her life during her wedding while a 3-piece musical ensemble (a violinist, guitarist, and a *handsome* male vocalist) performs Green Day's Good Riddance (Time of your Life).

Now it's no longer a surprise. Sorry dearie, Mommy can't keep her mouth shut.

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