Too old for Youngblood?

June 27, 2012

Apparently, yes.

From 2011 onwards, I sent a total of four essays to Youngblood. Sa awa ng Diyos, till now wala pang napiprint kahit isa. Haha. The first two were born just out of wild curiosity. Can a 28-year old mom's occasional brain dump STILL be considered reflective of youth per PDI standards? The third and fourth ones though, I just one to piss the folks off at Inquirer.

These are the usual stuff you see in PDI's Youngblood nowadays. Notice the trend. 
This is the kind of writing that defines today's young blood. *cringe*

After months of checking every TTHS if any of my submissions made it to print, I finally stopped. Completely pointless to do so. There are far more important things to look forward to everyday. Like my daughter smiling first thing in the morning. 

After all, one of the articles I passed already ended up in Inquirer's Working People section, thanks to Richard Mamuyac of Astig Machismis (shameless plug!). Okay, so it sat next to the Classified Ads section and below the Obituary. Haha. Still...

Anyway, for those of you who are still "young" enough and are looking into submitting a piece for Youngblood, here are some of the "guidelines" for submission. These aren't explicitly stated by Inquirer, but rather stickies pooled by Youngblood contributors themselves:

- Must be aged 29 and below
- Articles should be more or less 500 words
- Should contain the following: complete name, age, address, name of the company where you work/school where you study and a very brief intro about you
- Sent as one e-mail with the details above, not as a separate attachment
- Send your article to the ff:

Good luck. May the odds ever be on your favor. Chos!

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