The Yakimix Experience at Robinson's Place Ermita

February 8, 2013

I am not so big on birthdays much as I do not give a darn about age, but I wanted to try Yakimix for the longest time, what with all the hype and praises surrounding this popular all-you-can-eat Asian buffet for years,  and a birthday is a good excuse to do so.

So last November, two weeks after I turned 29, my family and I headed to the newest Yakimix branch in Robinson's Place Manila in Ermita to check out what the hype was all about right after my niece's confirmation rites at Malate Catholic.

We arrived a little past 11am, just in time before crowds rushed in. With its elegant chandeliers and modern minimalist scheme, Yakimix gives off this tasteful, aristocratic ambiance that you don't normally see in average-priced buffet restos.

Obligatory group shot
Impressive as it is, I excitedly took a few shots despite hunger. A staff was quick enough to warn me  that photo taking is not allowed, at least outside your respective table, so my buffet table shots were either taken from our place by the window or using my camera phone.

For starters, we spooned off some chicken brocolli flower cream soup. Thick, creamy and flavorful, it is a filling and delightful starter to a meal. Other soups are available like crab and corn and sukiyaki for those who like variety. 

What initially caught my attention was the vast spread of sushi rolls on the buffet table. Sadly, despite their extensive sushi selection, nothing really stood out. They were average at best. Even the Yakimix Special Maki, which I expected to be superb considering its name turned out to be a passable California Maki guised as a special maki.

I like how the tuna and salmon sushi and sashimi are so fresh though, and found myself forking over for a second helping.

If their sushi and sashimi spread was a disappointment, the meats for grilling turned out to be the exact opposite. The assortment of meats were overwhelming: from bacon-wrapped enoki mushrooms and asparagus to mussels and red meat. 

So many meats for grillilng! And this is only round 1!

I particularly loved the savory red curry beef, the chicken wing chili pepper, and pork bacon with sauce, which tasted like liempo. Yum! Because they are already pre-seasoned, cooking them over the smokeless grill was so easy, and doesn't leave you smelling like coal and barbeque. 

There are a few ala-carte dishes for those who don't want to grill their own, such as spicy chicken and Japanese style cheese and crabstick ball. The baked brocolli with bacon cheese sauce takes the cake, though. I love, love, love this dish.

Ala-carte dishes: Baked shrimp fried rice with carbonara sauce, mussel with tomato,
cheese pizza, kani salad and brocolli with bacon cheese sauce

We expected nothing less of their lechon macau, having previously read that this is one of the best dishes in their menu. We were not disappointed. The skin was sooo crunchy and well-seasoned, and the meat, tender and delicious. The husband took heaps upon heaps of this wonderful Oriental favorite, along with the ebi tempura - which was equally excellent. Lightly battered and crispy on the outside, the shrimp meat was surprisingly succulent and soft.

Lechon macau. Pampabata.

The dessert station turned out to be a flop, and is an absolute sacrilege to desserts. With the exception of the kiwi parfait and the Red Ribbon ube cake - whose brand wasn't even the least bit concealed- every single one of the dessert offerings including the tarts, petit fours and brownies were just awful and unforgivably tasteless. The cream puff  didn't have cream filling at all and was tough to chew. The bite-sized white chocolates were ordinary to say the least. 

Desserts. You could skip this part. Not worth the jaw exercise.

 BUT, I have to say that I immensely enjoyed the ice cream station, where you can scoop to your heart's content and pepper your ice cream with an assortment of toppings like candy and choco sprinkles, marshmallows, chocolate chips and M&Ms.  If you're not in the mood for self-service, you may opt for other Nestle and Selecta ice cream products like Pinipig and flavored Popsicles.

At P660 net on weekends (excluding drinks; add P75 for bottomless drinks), the price may be a little bit on the expensive side, especially after the God-awful dessert. But if you don't have a sweet tooth, Yakimix ain't bad at all. Just the lechon macau and tempura are already value for your money.

Refreshing blue lemonade. Sarap!

Irene said...

Wow sushi and maki! And the dessert station bongga! Haven't been to Yakimix but sa Chinatown sobrang solve na kaming lahat esp the kiddos. I heard many reviews and raves about this place. Maybe sometime we'll visit. I don't like the luto luto part esp with the kids around.

Filipina Explorer said...

The sushi and maki were okay. But the desserts, ay unforgivable! I also heard good things about Chinatown's Best, would drop by in the future.

Haha, ya, I guess the self-grilling part is not for everyone. Not for me, either. I was lucky my mom was there to cook. Hehe.

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