What You Oughta Know About Work-at-Home Moms

February 28, 2014

Seven things or the because-I’m-so-tired-of-hearing-the-same-crap note:

1. I challenge you to accomplish the same amount of work a maid-less work-at-home mom like me does - you know, tending to a toddler, cooking and dishwashing, keeping house, and writing articles for 12-14 hours a day and many others - and if at the end of the day, you still have time for anything else and still look as preppy as Lucy Torres-Gomez, please, let me know.

2. We have great friends and kids who love us regardless of how we look. That’s all that matters. The day other people like me better than my kid does is the day I start worrying.

3. In our line of work, brains, time management, and creativity matter, not how much make-up we put on, whether we have a French bun or a half-pony, or how trendy our outfits are. Appearances don’t bring money to our table. We don’t need that to get paid.

4. Many breastfeeding WAHMs like me pick clothes based on comfort and how easy it will be to breastfeed whenever we're out, not on what would be pleasing to onlookers' eyes - which is why I often wear those “abhorrent” dresses and easy-access tank tops. If you had breastfeed even for a day, you’ll have a hint of what I’m talking about.

5. Majority of mothers do gain weight before giving birth and it takes 1-2 years for their bodies to lose all that weight – sometimes, not at all. I don’t know what TV shows you’re watching or what magazines you're reading, but that’s the reality of maternal biology for you. Just because I’m no longer svelte doesn't mean I don’t exercise or work my ass off around the house.

On a daily basis, I burn 500 calories simply breastfeeding and approximately 160 vacuuming and mopping the floor, 100 gardening, 100 dishwashing, 200 cooking, 150 cleaning the toilet, 300 feeding/ bathing/ taking care of my kid and weekly, 300 calories folding clothes and doing the laundry. Also, I usually travel and run around with my toddler on Sundays. ALONE. That’s probably more calories I burn than you hitting the gym an hour a week or doing your extracurriculars.

6. Like anybody else, my marriage isn’t perfect. But to conclude that a woman who appears significantly different today from when she got married five years ago is in a lousy marriage, well, truth be told, I know more “losyang” (not my word) women who are happy and content with their marriages than chic and vain women who are.

7. Lastly, I’m way past that phase where I am preoccupied with anti-agers, massages, clothes, make-up, sunscreen, fat, and similar woes. Honestly, if you knew me well enough, you’ll know I have never been that kind of gal. I don’t like wearing make-up, I dress as I please, and I’m never bothered about zits, freckles, wrinkles, or dark skin (Filipinos are inherently tanned, you know). I mean, what are you? High school?  

We, WAHMs and SAHMs, take care of our families both financially and otherwise.We don’t need anybody’s validation to know our looks, and more importantly, our lives, are glowing with sunshine.

Well, now that’s settled, let’s stop with the gossip-mongering, shall we? 

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