Narra (A 100-Word Fiction Story)

January 5, 2015

Near blind and breathless, my father intently watched tangerine play against violets in his old narra chair on the porch.

He pressed his palm against mine – a first in five years - pale yellow over blush. His tremor-ridden fingers unfurled to whisk my daughter's hair; its reedlike veins glistening in the dusk sun.

“No tears. We’re strong, like narra.”

Then, stupor.

A fortnight ago, as I packed in the night, my husband said, 
“You are nothing but a piece of my rib. It’s a man’s world.”

He’s wrong. 
I am my father’s daughter.
They called him Narra Man.

NOTE: This is a fiction story I wrote over a year ago and submitted to Reader's Digest 100-word story 2013 contest. This was penned when I learned about my stepdad's terminal illness, making it sort of fiction that's inspired by non-fictitious events.

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