What's In Your Travel Bag? Pinoy Travel Bloggers Reveal

September 23, 2015

Aaah...bag tinkering. There is something so gratifying about rummaging through someone else's bag, isn't it? Perhaps - like my college friends - you're curious about finding something controversial  - a prophylactic, a diary, or a copy of Twilight. 

Bags are crucibles of a bevy of things. The mood  lifters. The cool gizmos slash conduits to the  world.  The matter-ial.  The unimaginable. 

For many travelers, a bag is also a reflection of the many days and nights, the life that awaits on the road, all stuffed in one measurable container. 

I asked some Filipino travel bloggers what's in theirs and find no one is carrying a prophylactic some pretty interesting thingamajigs - some of which, your own bags can use too.

Rain Campanilla, Words and Wanderlust

1. Sunglasses - for hangover mornings 

2. Wet wipes - the single most awesome multipurpose stuff in the galaxy

3. Lipstick - my ultimate beauty shortcut

4. Powerbank - for 'em gizmos

5. Swimwear - cos there's always a waterscape nearby

Because being on the road is not an excuse to be less dope. :)

Ervin Malicdem, Schadow1 Expeditions

Traveler/mapping advocate's minipack :  

1. GPS
2. Powerbank/Adapters
3. Smartphone/Camera
4. Sunglasses
5. Meds

Reiza Dejito, Wander If You Must

1. A big scarf that may also be used as a blanket---and a towel, if worse comes to shove. 

2. My trusty lip balm. There's nothing more uncool than parched lips when meeting potential travel buddies. 

3. A good book to keep me alert and awake while waiting at airports, bus stops, and hotel lobbies.

4. Sunglasses to hide those eyebugs, and of course protect my peepers.

5. First aid kit. A surefire way to make new friends.

Mervz Adventurista, Pinoy Adventurista 

Here's mine: 

1. Camera

2. Comfortable shoes/slippers 

3. Small cross-body bag

4. Mobile Phone

5. Sarong

Gian and Sheila, Adrenaline Romance 

Sheila Mei and I are sticklers for lightweight traveling. In actuality, what we bring with us
depends on the adventures we undertake. 

However, we always make to include the following items in our pack:

1. Lightweight microfiber towel

2. Sunglasses
3. Collapsible wash bag for our toiletries
4. Waterproof camera (can't blog without it)
5. Nalgene water bottle

Melody Co, Guiltless Getaways

Earplugs, eyemask, 3-way adapter, USB plug, small camera, calling card, cash. 

Kevin Tsai, The Travel Guy Shops

Scarf from H&M and the Siem Reap night market. :) 

Aleah Taboclaon, Solitary Wanderer 

I always bring with me the following things when I travel: my Kindle, a sarong, and the tools of my trade: camera, laptop, and cellphone. I can do with less clothes and other things, but I can't leave my gadgets behind. Without those, I can't travel the way I do. 

Mc Pol Androusse Cruz, Weekend Sidetrip

 I always bring my:   
- powerbank
- sunglasses

- handy travel guide
- sunblock
- goodmorning towel LOL
- sarong

Hazel Ramos, Journeying Pinay

Here are the mainstays in my backpack wherever i go: 

1. Malong - can be a towel, blanket, scarf  and i can change clothes anywhere while in it. 

2. Sunglasses - as a solo traveler, i do not do direct eye contact, i keep my eyes 'hidden'. at least the
y do not know if i am sleeping or awake when in transit, or if i were staring at them.

3. Camera, phones, powerbank. - even if sometimes i forget to shoot. Because i just savor. That explains my photo-less travels. 

4. Drugs - for the vertigo and for the broken heart 😑 (hypertension)

5. Cologne - i want to smell 'nice' even after being under the sun, even after a smellyfishy boatride. 

Kin Enriquez, Boarding Gate 101

1. Baby wipes (handy when you can't get a shower or when nature calls and there's no TP)  
2. Smartphone
3. Charger 

4. Money and credit cards
5. Sense of adventure 

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