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January 2, 2017

Is there a useful online travel article you want to take anywhere with you?

If you have good internet access, it’s simple: just visit the website.

But the truth of vagabonding is, there are REALLY places where zippy internet access is next to impossible -- like, uhm, the Philippines. Of course, you can use always use data, but in many countries, it can be a li’l pricey to do so, and not without hassle too, since it requires a country-based phone plan.

Here’s an easy solution: Download it as a GPS-guided article.

From GPSmyCity, download any of thousands of travel guides from your favorite blogs and travel writers in more than 700 global cities, and voila! You can access them anywhere you are, even if you’re offline.

What makes article downloads different at GPSmyCity is that they show your exact location and guide you through each specific destination in an article, complete with GPS coordinates and an offline route map that shows you popular and off-beat attractions along the way. 

Because the GPSmyCity mobile app is designed to enable you to “explore all the best attractions at your own pace, on your own time, while always having the confidence of knowing where you are, where to go and how to get there”, you can conveniently do a walking tour from point A to B, even without internet access or a tour guide (or annoying tour groups). Use the guides on the beach, in a faraway castle, or while seated on a plane – all you really need is your smartphone or tablet and a pair of itchy feet.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you get to access over 5,500 city walk tour guides ‘round the world in  both iOS and Android. Use for free as a non-GPS guide article or upgrade to GPS guide for a nominal fee of  $1.99 (compared to tens to hundreds of dollars for tour guides).

As a GPSMyCity app user,  you can also  save your favorite places, photos, and tracks, apart from perusing thousands of travel articles online. Travel writers can also submit articles that they want to turn into guides for personal use or for sharing.

BUT, because it’s Christmas season, here’s a gift for you: Upgrade and use any my travel article as GPS-guided piece from GPSmyCity from January 2, Monday to January 8, Sunday FOR FREE!

Here’s how:

1. Click on the ink below to access my travel article using your mobile device. If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, you will be directed to a download page, then you can upgrade to the offline with-GPS version of the article:

2. Interested in other cities? Open the GPSmyCity Mobile app and search articles by cities. Similarly, you can download the articles for free or upgrade to with-GPS.

You can also read and download my other article on GPSMyCity: WalkThrough Heritage: the Santa Ana Walking Tour (Manila, PH)

Remember, this offer is only until January 8, Sunday. Take advantage now. Visit for more deets. 

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