6 Outdoor Adventures in Mont-Tremblant for Families

Picture snow-capped mountains, pine tree-lined villages, infinite ski slopes, and rich forests. That's Mont-Tremblant for you. Nestled in the expansive Laurentian Mountains, this city in Quebec, Canada is best known for its whimsical winter scenery and skiing activities. A host of outdoor activities await travelers in this part of Canada, including golfing, biking, cross-country skiing, and canoeing.

Mont-Tremblant's scenic location also makes it a perfect base for travelers. Some of the best mansions in Canada can be found here, ranging from rustic, cabin-style accommodations to contemporary ones. As one of Canada's least populated cities, a stay in Mont-Tremblant also guarantees travelers serenity while putting them within easy reach of tourist attractions.

If you are visiting with your family, there's really no better place to explore than in Mont-Tremblant. Just take a look at some family-friendly outdoor activities you can do in the city.


With cross-country skiing trails spanning over 80 kilometers, Mont-Tremblant is the perfect place for ski fans, both beginner and pro. Skiing trails, particularly the intermediate and advanced ones, commence at the famous Mont-Tremblant Ski Resort five kilometers from the city proper. There's also the 1500-acre Domaine Saint-Bernard ecotourism park next to the Diable River (Devil's River), which features groomed trails suited for skate and classic skiing. There is a pretty good chance you will encounter local wildlife, including deers and birds here too.

Parc National Du Mont-Tremblant north of Mt. Tremblant features 43 kilometers of groomed trails and 77 kilometers of ungroomed ones. Both Domaine Saint-Bernard and Parc National Du Mont-Tremblant have on-site ski rental facilities and wood-heated shacks.

Hiking and camping

Fancy communing with nature? Explore a network of 11 trails leading to the high peaks of the Laurentian Mountains. Hiking Mont-Tremblant's well-preserved trails, you will encounter pristine lakes, cascades, deers, and small streams along the way, not to mention, spectacular views that truly make the walk worth it. Hiking trails may be open or shaded and offer varying difficulty and length, with some trails being easy enough to complete by families with children.

Both Domaine Saint-Bernard and Parc National Du Mont-Tremblant are available for snowshoeing, with the latter offering six 23-kilometer long trails. Alpine treks done in the winter afford a magical walk into snow-covered vegetation and breathtaking views at the top.

Ice climbing on frozen cliffs alongside a certified guide is another experience worth trying at Mont-Tremblant. The climb takes around three hours and can be done by kids ages 8 and up, even without prior experience. (Don't forget your alpine shoes!)

If you prefer a leisurely trail though, try the Grand Pris des Couleurs. This 2.7-kilometer trail is the shortest of all trails in the area and consists of gradual slopes - perfect for inexperienced hikers and young children.

End your trek with a gondola ride to the summit. Some tour operators offer tour packages that include the gondola ride, a guided tour, hiking poles, headlamps, and meals in a log cabin in the forest.

Canoeing and fishing

Try Canada's favorite pasttime: fishing! Board a canoe and row through the vastness of two renowned lakes in the area; Lake Tremblant and Lake Ouimet. Get a chance to catch musky, bass, and other local fishes. Guided boat tours are offered by various tour companies all year-round. If you arrive in winter, ice fishing is a popular activity in both lakes. Using a hook or spear, an experienced guide will teach you how to catch pikes or perch in a frozen lake.

Learn all about lake fishes's feeding behavior and their natural habitat with fly fishing. Here, a skilled angler will teach you how to cast a fly – composed of a rod, reel and weighted line - in order to catch fish. Fly fishing is challenging and requires a special technique to lure fish into the line, but it is also lots of fun!

First time to fish? Don't worry. Fishing instructors match techniques to the age and skill level of the guest, so even children can participate.


Take your family on a fun, hour-long dogsledding adventure through Mont-Tremblant's forests, valleys, and the Devil's River! Sleds can be rented at the National Park and come with trained Siberian Huskies. Take the dogs through crisscrossing paths in the forest and experience gentle slopes and descents. Drive your sled on frozen lakes and to the northern part of the city for a stunning view of the mountain. Or choose a journey through verdant woods and valleys and into the Devil's River. Don't forget to stop by the wooden shacks along the way for hot choco!


Go on an aerial adventure over lush forests with a zipline tour from Ziptrek Ecotours! Running four kilometers long, the zipline is Quebec's longest. The five-zipline ride starts at the base of Mt. Tremblant and goes through five zipline segments and six viewing deck -, all with panoramic views of Mont-Tremblant's landscapes.

To get to the summit, visitors will ride a gondola, which is included in the eco—adventure package (also included is safety equipment – carabiners, helmet, harness - to be used during the duration of the zipline tour). Side-by-side ziplines are available, so you can fly with a friend or family. Rates start at $99.

Ice skating

From December to March, visitors can skate on the ice rink next to St. Bernard Chapel. Music and lights show are held in the evening – a must-see for both kids and kids at heart!

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