Letter #14: On what your heart says

Hello, Lia. 

You once told me that you wanted to be a rockstar. On other occasions, you said you wanted to be a doctor, a teacher, or someone like me who "types on her laptop".

I don't know what you will become. My job is to ensure you get there while you're not yet fully able to do so, not to groom you to be someone I think you should be. How your life runs and how you make your choices are entirely up to you. I am just here to support your dreams even if PotangEnaAngMahalMagDoktorAh.

When the time comes for you to make that choice, there will be immense pressure for you to take a route that you don't like. That's just the way the world works, dearest. Our society says one thing but wants you to do another. If someone advises you to go against what is right, don't heed the advice, no matter where it comes from. 

Take the path that will lead you to hunger. One that makes you toss and turn in bed. Something you won't mind losing energy and sleep over. Always choose what your heart dictates (i.e. anything but pimping and drug dealing). When you take that route, I can guarantee that it will be hard. It will be painful. Sometimes, merciless too. But it will also be incredibly worth it. Seeing our dreams happen right before our eyes is a priceless commodity. Make sacrifices and delay a dream if you must, but never trade it for anything else, not even money.

The heart, I told your Tita Celine, is the place of all things sacred and true. Where our heart lies there is passion, esteem, commitment, and success. You will never excel in half-hearted efforts. Your pocket may be full, but without a happy soul, what good is a fat bank account for? 

I am far from a flawless mother, but I hope that I can lead by example. I hope I am strong enough a woman to show you that you are not inferior to anyone; that you have as much power as anyone else has. When the pushing and pulling comes, remember that, Lia. Remember your heart. Always.

Infinitely believing,

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