The Perfect Place to Watch the Sun Go Down in Boracay

Image courtesy of SpiderHouse's Facebook page

Unfortunately, Boracay isn’t the idyllic, quiet paradise island it was 10-years ago. I previously published anarticle here on Filipina Explorer entitled "Boracay: Memories of aonce-pure island", detailing how much the island has changed. It is now driven by how many tourists pump money into the local economy more than preserving its once tranquil surroundings.

But that doesn’t mean Boracay hasn’t got tons to offer tourists – it has beauty in abundance. The crystal blue seas and white beaches are enough to clear the stress from your mind.

Years ago, there wasn’t a McDonalds anywhere in sight or coffee shop chains dotting the shoreline. It’s certainly lost some of its identity, but it still remains the Philippines’ most visited island with morethan 130,000 Koreans making the trip to Boracay annually.

It’s also relatively easy to get to for foreign travelers. A direct flight from Manila to Caticlan only takes 1 hour and 15minutes, which means for travelers coming from other Asian countries, reaching one of the best beaches in the Philippines is convenient and easy, with Manila serving as the perfect gateway to this tropical island.

One thing that Boracay will never lose is just how amazing it is to watch the sunset on White Beach or any other part of the island for that matter. If you’ve never watched the sun go down in Boracay, you are missing out. And the perfect place? Spider House!

Spider House is a stunning resort, and a great choice if you’re in a group. It is located on Diniwid Beach – a much quieter part of the island than White Beach. It takes about 30 minutes to get here from D’mall. You will have to take a trike, and when you do arrive, you will have to go through a labyrinth of caves to get to the entrance.

It plays music throughout the day and serves traditional Filipino food. The best part? You can dive from Spider House right into the sea below!

Image courtesy of SpiderHouse's Facebook page

If you don’t have the courage to dive into the water, there is a ladder, which you can climb down. Ten meters from the ladder is a raft where you can sit or lie down and watch the sun go down – truly an unforgettable place with an unforgettable view. There is arguably no better place to watch the sunset than at Spider House, and no other place like it to continue drinking all night with friends.

As you will see by the picture above, Spider House is essentially built on the side of a rock. It’s like a giant treehouse. A proverbial playground for adults - and a damn good one too. Once the sun has set, locals and tourist split their time between the sea and Spider House. Our Awesome Planet has some great pictures of what its like at night and some insights into the American food, pizzas, Filipino dishes, and sushi that Spider House serves.

Above all, Spider House will add something different to your holiday. It’s quirky, has a diverse community that frequents it, and is perfectly positioned to give you the best sunset viewing experience in the island.