Five of the Most Naturally Beautiful Travel Destinations on Earth

November 21, 2018

As travelers, we’re more aware than any other demographic of just how vast, diverse, and beautiful our world really is. Whether we’re talking about the natural flora and fauna that spill out of the rainforests of the world, the majesty of the glaciers in the Arctic, or the mesmerizing shower of lights that make up the Aurora Borealis, planet Earth is an endless gallery of wonders that we, as travelers, are fortunate to bear witness to.

Not only can these experiences enrich our own lives, but they can introduce both awareness and hope to anyone who seek them out. As travelers, we have a responsibility to share the wealth of knowledge that we’ve gleaned about the beauty of the world, whether we’re using social media, our personal blogs, or any number of media platforms available to us.

You can get a great idea of just how amazing some of these places are by just referencing them in stock nature photos, but to fully enjoy them, you have to seem them for yourself. To help you get started, I’ve put together a list of five of the most naturally beautiful places in the world that you should definitely consider for you next trip!

1)   The Grand Canyon National Park

One of the most instantly recognizable landmarks not only in the USA but in the world, the Grand Canyon is a testament to the truly awesome power inherent in nature. Formed over 70 million years of erosion, the Grand Canyon spans an astounding 277 miles long, and in certain places, is more than 18 miles wide. One of the most highly visited locations in the world, the Grand Canyon welcomes over 5 million visitors each year.

There’s something truly awe inspiring about the Grand Canyon, whether it’s the fact that such an astounding feature has continued to evolve over millions of years or how it can convey the sense that, despite all of our achievements, we’re still very small in the grand scheme of the world. By standing on the edge of this immense precipice, and letting yourself bask in its majesty, you’ll find yourself both humbled and uplifted, and come to appreciate just how powerful the cycle of nature truly is.

2)   Machu Picchu

As the historic site that is believed to be the seat of the lost Inca civilization, this majestic landscape, where the lush greens of the mountains meets the seemingly impregnable stone of ancient structures, will wow anyone who gazes on its glory. Located in Peru, Machu Picchu has been attracting tourists, travelers, scholars, and historians for hundreds of years.

Machu Picchu is unique from many other natural spots of beauty in that it’s one of the few places where man’s efforts to establish a society didn’t bring instant decimation to the local ecology. The structures are made all of stone, carved out of the surrounding mountains, and the spare pockets of trees that grow amongst this jagged range of mountains have been given their own space to thrive in. Machu Picchu serves as an example of how man can advance our species, while leaving the Earth largely untouched, if we would only put in the effort.

3)   Mount Fuji

Standing over 12,000 feet high, Mount Fuji has come to be synonymous with Japan, and helps to enhance the air of majesty and mystery that has long been associated with the Land of the Rising Sun. It is so prominent that when the filmmakers of the historical drama, “The Last Samurai” needed a visual cue that would be instantly recognizable, and let both Tom Cruise’s character and the audience know he’d arrived in Japan, they used a shot of Mount Fuji.

Mount Fuji has long served as not only a visual icon to represent Japan to the world but also as a prime destination for adventurers and geologists. The mountain is rife with trails for hiking, with plenty of stops along the various routes to rest and resupply. Paragliding has also become a favored activity during a trip to Mount Fuji, and several businesses that specialize in paragliding training use Mount Fuji as their primary testing ground.

4) The Amazon Rainforest

Home to the largest single collective of different species on earth, the Amazon Rainforest is a sprawling forestscape teaming with different animals and plants. Covering over 2 million square miles of South America’s Amazon basin, the Amazon Rainforest is one of nature’s most extensive natural blankets that supports the birth and development of some of the most amazing species of animals on Earth.

Within the rainforest itself, you can find almost every kind of exotic creature imaginable, from parrots to frogs, monkeys to sloths, and bats to cougars. Each has their own role to play within this beautiful field, and all are unique in their own way. A trip to the Amazon rainforest will definitely help you appreciate just how diverse and wonderful the species that we share this planet with are.

5)   The Vatnajokull Glacier

As one of Iceland's most beautiful scenes, the Vatnajokull Glacier has been capturing the imaginations of and inspiring wonder in visitors for a long time. Covering over 9% of the entire volume of Iceland, the glacier is yet another reminder of just how extensive and awesome the natural powers of the world are.

Developed over thousands of years through freezing and thawing, the glacier stands as one of the biggest area glaciers in the world. It also enjoys an oft disputed reputation for having the world’s longest, continuous line of site, at over 550 km, as reported by Guinness World Records. It’s said that when weather and atmospheric conditions are perfect, one can see the outline of the Faroe Islands, which are over 340 miles away, from the edge of the glacier. Regardless of whether or not that claim is entirely accurate, the Vatnajokull Glacier is one of the most naturally beautiful creations in all of nature, and would be well worth a trip!

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