Letter #16: Rainy New Year's Eve in a tricycle

December 31, 2018

Hello, Lia.

It's been pouring down since Christmas, and tonight is no exception. It's New Year's Eve, and we are inside a dripping tricycle, your sleepy head on my lap, en route to your lolo and lola. We waited for an hour for buses and jeeps that won't come. If this happened before I had you, my mood would be damper than this weather. But now I would rather think of this as part of the adventure. 

It was through you, through our adventures and mishaps that I gained a revitalized sense of life. One that sees the world with a fresh pair of eyes and indulges in curiosity than complaints. One that urges you to laugh more and worry less. One that tells you to believe like a child does: with absolute faith, without agenda, and freely. These gifts enable me to breeze through life's hair-ruffling, mean jokes. And all of these gifts are from you. 

Today, while some people are wishing for more, I wish for nothing else than what we already have. Our adventures are always the greatest in my book (I mean, just look at some of the things we did together in 2018!). Home will always be where you are. My year will always be amazing as long as you are in it. 

With faith in the wonder that the coming year brings, 

*Photos of Baguio, Kiangan, and Subic by Martin San Diego

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