5 Signs That a Pre-Owned Yacht Is the Better Choice for You

May 29, 2021

For many would-be yacht owners, like the ones already deep into the hobby of boating, the dream is to order a brand-new yacht from a fine boatbuilder. For them, there would be no comparable joy to waiting for the vessel to arrive and taking it on its maiden cruise. But for others, like those who are yet to discover yachting and want to do so on a budget, the dream is usually a little more flexible. Just like a well-maintained secondhand car or gadget, a pre-owned yacht can afford many of the same pleasures as a brand-new one at a lower price. This is why many buyers in the yacht market specifically look for secondhand options.

In the yachting industry, a brand-new watercraft’s original value usually depreciates by about 10% within a year of its purchase. This price can go down further by as much as 8% every year thereafter before leveling off, depending on factors like the condition of the boat. Secondhand owners of a high-quality, well-maintained unit will be rewarded for their purchase in many ways. They’ll be able to experience the thrill of boating for a smaller sum, and they’ll be more at ease in picking up the yachting life on a boat that’s already been broken in.

Are you thinking about purchasing a pre-owned yacht instead of a brand new one? What are the signs that this is the right decision to make? If all the signs listed below apply to you, take the plunge and look for pre-owned yachts for sale from a reputable distributor like Europa Yachts Philippines.

You’re a Beginning Yachtsman

For many people who are just starting a hobby like motorbiking or collecting watches, it doesn’t make much sense to buy the highest-tier model at the very beginning. At the outset, their preferences may not be completely clear to them. It makes more sense to acquire something at a lower stake and then slowly acquire knowledge, skills, and familiarity with the hobby or market.

The same can apply to you if you’re just starting out with the yachting life. You’ll be more comfortable learning about boating on a more affordable, more user-friendly vessel that’s already been broken in. This is also a good opportunity for you to familiarize yourself with a brand known for its long service life—and in addition, understand what really goes into the yacht’s craftsmanship. Calm your nerves about learning to be a proper yachtsman and test-drive your newly found skills on a pre-owned yacht.

You’re More Nervous about Buying a Brand-New Yacht

Some people actively enjoy getting brand-new things, but others experience great anxiety about it. They may have a fear of wrecking a beautiful thing, or feel added pressure to make up for such a large investment. But it would be a shame if this ultimately takes away from their enjoyment of the purchase—or even discourage them from making the purchase at all.

If you’re the type who gets the jitters about buying something very expensive and brand-new, then opt to buy a pre-owned yacht instead. This will help you better relax about your purchase and maybe even derive more joy from it.

You Want to Save Money on Your Initial Purchase

The most obvious argument for purchasing a secondhand yacht instead of a brand-new one is the significant price difference. This will make all the difference for yachtsmen who have tighter budgets, but who still want a taste of the yachting life.

If you don’t want to spend so much upfront for your yacht, it’s definitely the better option to buy secondhand. You will likely have to spend for an upgrade or two, but those costs may pale in comparison to what you’d spend for a new boat.

You Don’t Mind Doing a Little Extra Maintenance

For the most part, a pre-owned yacht will have already demonstrated the extent of its seaworthiness to the initial owner. But as the second owner, you might have to do a little refurbishing to get it to look and perform at its peak again. The costs of maintenance and the time it takes to complete maintenance work really depends on the condition of the individual boat.

But say you don’t mind making calls to a marine surveyor and getting maintenance work done on the hull, engine, sails, rigging, and plumbing. If that’s the case, go on ahead and scour the market for a secondhand yacht. Just ask for assistance from your yacht brokers so that you won’t end up with a boat whose repairs and maintenance will drain your pocket further.

You’d Love to Own a Yacht with a Story

This may not be an important reason for some when it comes to choosing between a brand-new boat and a pre-owned boat, but it’s definitely a plus for those with a romantic streak. A pre-owned boat will certainly already have a history attached to it if it comes into your ownership. It will already embody the happy memories of family cruises, fishing or diving trips, or sailing regattas. That will make the boat feel more lived-in and congenial

If this is something that actively appeals to you and you want a yacht with its own story, by all means search for one in the secondhand market. That history is something only a pre-owned yacht will be able to give you.

If the insights in this article resonated with you, it may be high time to start looking for a pre-owned yacht. What’s important is that you find a yacht brokerage service that you trust, as well as agents who will take you through the complexities of the sale. Lastly, don’t forget to consider other factors beyond price, like the yacht brand and the yacht type. When all of the details are in order and your decision to buy a secondhand yacht is clear as day, just say yes. Soon after that, you’ll be embarking on your next big yachting adventure!




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