87 before 47

1. Breastfeed Lia till she's at least 2.
2. Reach 300,000 page views.
3. Travel solo outside Bulacan and Manila with Lia only.
4. SM MOA Eye at sunset.
5. Zipline.  (Tagaytay)
6. Dye a streak of my hair white, Rogue-style.
7.  Witness a beautiful sunrise and sunset in one day.  (Coron)
8. Birdwatch in Pampanga or Bataan.
9. Hike Mt. Samat.
10. Start building a life insurance/ college plan for Lia.
11. Climb 1 minor climb.    (Mt. Manalmon)
12. Have a kid.
13. Raise her well.
14. Send a kid to school through World Vision.
15. Learn at least one magic trick.
16. Win a writing contest in print.  (The Philippine Star)
17.  Be featured in an international publication (online or print).  (Asia Literary Review)
18. Have my work printed on national paper.  (The Philippine Star, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Manila Standard)
19. My own house.
18.  Be able to teach for one day.
19. Visit Fort Santiago.
20. Join the Palanca.
Eat like a Viking.
22. Make a change in the life of one ailing person in need.
24. Vacation with mom, tito, and the rest of the family.
25. Learn to play piano and guitar.
26. Establish a small business.
27. Get one poem in Philippines Free Press.
One poem a week...
29. ...and a blog post, too.
30. Make 50k a month.
31. Visit one province in Visayas and Mindanao by 2016. 
32. Finish blog backlogs by 2016.
33. Witness a meteor shower.
34. Skinny dip!
35. Watch a Juliana Hatfield gig.
36. Chat with Incubus and Radiohead in person.
37. Backpack Asia. All of it.
38. Ride a carabao.
39. Beachfront dwelling
40. Dive.
41. Visit at least one country per continent.
42. Build retirement fund and Lia's life savings before 45.
43. Be featured in Reader's Digest Asia.
44. Buy back stepdad's Toyota Crown and pimp it.
45. Learn Bicolano!
46. Crown Regency's Edge Coaster Ride.
47. Help fund a no-kill shelter for stray cats and dogs.
48. Visit all 81 provinces of the Philippines.
49. Learn to drive.
50. Surf. - San Juan, La Union. Lakbay Norte, January 2016.
51. Kayak in a mangrove forest.
52. Be debt-free.
53. Iceland! See the fjords and lagoons.
54. Complete one whole course of Simbang Gabi.
55. Swim with a butanding.
56. Parasail.
57. Camp overnight in a beach with no electricity.
58. Have an article published in a local travel magazine.  (View Magazine)
59. Get a poem in an international magazine (Room, Poetry Foundation, etc).
60. Bungeejump.
61. Pasig River cruise.
62. Attend the annual Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark.
63. Go back to pre-pregnancy weight.
64. House and business for sister and mum.
65. Pilgrimage to Mt. Sinai. 
66. ATV adventure.Balungao, Pangasinan. Lakbay Norte, January 2016.
67. Fly on a hot air balloon!
68. Make one million pesos.
69. Witness the Aurora Borealis.
70. Take Basic Mountaineering Course.
71. Publish my own book.
72. African safari. Glamping.
73. Wakeboard!
74. Read all the books on my shelf.
75. Learn Spanish.
76. Do a road trip with SSC high school friends.
77. Get married barefoot on a beach.
78. Kiss in the rain!
79. Climb Mt. Pulag. - March 6, 2016
80. Whang-Od tattoo.
81. Tatay Nero, too.
82. Do a major Climb with Lia! - Mt. Pulag
83. Get shortlisted in the Philippine Free Press Literary Awards.*
84. Have a poem featured in the Philippines Graphic.*
85. Have an essay featured in Youngblood.*
86. One Asian country destination by 2016. - Singapore
87. Watch Sigur Ros live.- at Neon Lights 2016, Singapore