Gretchen's unparalleled gift to weave emotions into her stories that jump out of the screen is both a source of envy and inspiration. I’ve found myself in a variety of states after engaging with her words—weeping, writing with renewed energy, and vowing to never call myself a writer again.

- Timothy Jay Ibay, Editor-in-Chief at Expat Communications, Inc.

When I forget my sense of adventure and/or my love for writing, I head over to Filipina Explorer. The stories are crafted exquisitely and each of them are woven straight from the heart. I'm always left feeling inspired every time.

- Celine Reyes Murillo, Travel writer at Celineism

Life can really be tough at times and one blog I usually find myself looking forward to read especially when I feel down and weary is Filipina Explorer. Reading travels and stories of a mother and daughter successfully transforms my confusion to understanding and blossoms into hope, bringing me back to my dreams and goals in life. A blog site subconsciously answering questions why I even started doing what I do and why I need to continue. It’s not just any travel blog. It’s a real life journal of any child (regardless of age) and one you can surely relate, too.

- Levy Amosin, Blogger at Hugging Horizons

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